Design Series: How to Turn Your Sunroom Into A Serene, Intimate Space

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A sunroom is a space that receives an abundance of natural daylight and provides shelter from adverse weather. In many homes, a sunroom is built onto the house as an extension of the enclosed space. For those of us that might not already have a space like this, it's always possible to find the sunniest space in your home to designate for the purpose of cultivating plants and a serene environment. Whatever your current setup may look like, creating an indoor greenspace or sunroom is a simple way to create a peaceful retreat without ever having to leave your home.

Start by assessing your space

It doesn't require a huge amount of spae for your sunroom to be brilliant. Sometimes, the most intimate spaces create the coziest settings. Start by determining the amount of space you have available to rearrange and make the best use of your footprint. Considering the size of the space, decide how you want to to use it. Will this sunroom be big enough to accommodate a formal dining table that can comfortably fit your family and guests? Or is it perhaps a more compact space better suited for one or two people at a time? Taking stock of the room allows you to decide how it can best function and therefore how it will inform your design and layout.

Get inspired

For your sunroom, consider what inspiration will help drive the overall design and feeling of the space. For our sunroom, the Fall season is a big inspiration for the design. This time of year, the leaves are falling by the thousands, the air is crisp and the scent of cinnamon fills our family room. It's the time of year when most of us just want to curl up by the fire with a good book and a cup of tea or hot cocoa. It's also the time when the growing season has long past and it becomes time to prep the garden for autumn sowing. This past weekend, my husband and I took cuttings of our coleus plants so that we could replant them in our garden next year. For us, our green room becomes a place to enjoy our plants well through the winter. It's a space to embrace the coming winter season while staying warm and finding rest from the busy year. I'm using the rich, dark colors of the coleus as inspiration for the color palette and the joys of the season as inspiration for the little touches. 

So, what is the inspiration for your sunroom? If you have a favorite plant or flower, consider finding ways to complement your botanicals in your furnishings and decor. If you prefer to decorate for the season, think of your favorite seasonal elements that you want to include. The options are limitless, so ultimately you can make this space whatever you want it to be.

Making a plan

Once you have an idea of how you want your space to function and what your design inspiration is, it's time to start making a plan. You can draw out a simple floor plan if you wish, and be sure to double check the measurements of your room. In the sunroom design I've created, I left the sunny perimeter free from furnishings so that the plants could grab as much light as possible. The perimeter of the room is lined with built-in shelving to allow plenty of space for potted plants and storage for gardening supplies. In the center of the room, I've included a large, durable throw rug that can handle those pesky stains from potting mix. In this space, I've selected a pair of upholstered chairs and a small table for a more intimate setting.

The little touches

A sunroom likely isn't a space where you'll hang very much wall art to allow for plenty of light to filter to the plants. Instead, find ways to incorporate little design touches into the space. Since I mentioned before that Fall was an inspiration for my design, I included a natural scented candle on the table for that much-need visual warmth and Autumn-inspired scents. 

For extra comfort and visual appeal, choose one of our organic cotton floral throw pillows, a perfect complement to the natural setting and a statement piece that will last through the years. Finally, choose artisan pots or vases for your plants and a sculptural chandelier. These decorative elements really help to add visual interest and make your space more thoughtfully curated.

Woman in Sunroom Potted Plants Take Heart Textiles
Image credit: George Milton

I hope this sunroom design guide has inspired you to create the sunroom of your dreams, and I can't wait to see what you come up with! Remember that you don't need a large space to pull this off – even a sunny corner by a large window will work! Send a photo of your newly-curated space to

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